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Affiliation FAQs

Will I continue to work if I affiliate my practice?

Yes, we look for at least a two year commitment and are happy for you to stay longer. It’s your decision. When the timing makes sense, we would like you to mentor an associate that we would add to your practice.

Will the company tell me how to practice dentistry?

No. All of our dentists maintain clinical control over treatment. We do expect each dentist to follow the standard of care established by our National Doctor Panel.

Can I use the lab that I am currently using?

Yes, as long as your lab meets the quality, pricing, and turn-around standards that we have established with other labs.

Do I have to use GEDC’s dental supply company?

Yes, but we are able to gain the best negotiated pricing with preferred vendors due to the size of our group. Our National Doctor Panel approves all formularies and listens to the suggestions of all our valued providers to ensure top quality supplies are used.

Can I still refer to the specialist that I currently refer to?

As part of our network, the GP and Specialty providers work together to support each other to keep all dental procedures within the Great Expressions Dental Centers network. It is our goal to serve the patient in the best, most efficient way possible. If you and your regional clinical director determine that in-house specialty does not work for a specific patient, then the case can be referred elsewhere.

Will you put a Great Expressions Dental Centers sign on my building?

Yes. As part of the Great Expressions Dental Centers network, you will share in the strong marketing of the brand that directs patients to your office. Operating many practices in a given metro area — our philosophy — builds brand awareness exponentially, improving patient flow. Your name will be included along with ours on the door.

My practice has more value than a collection of chairs, equipment and employees — how can I be certain you’ll honor the goodwill I’ve built?

In our experience, every affiliation is unique. We understand that this is much more than a financial decision; it’s a highly emotional one, as well. Our goal every time we affiliate is to ensure that we honor the legacy you’ve created and sustain your good reputation with your patients and your community.

Whom do I contact to get additional information about affiliating my practice with GEDC?

Please contact our Business Development Team by email at

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